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 Disconnection Issue? Solution here

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Disconnection Issue? Solution here Empty
PostSubject: Disconnection Issue? Solution here   Disconnection Issue? Solution here Icon_minitimeTue Aug 21, 2007 3:37 pm

skip to the end if you don't want to read this essay of a post. I"m bored at work and feel like typing stuff haha.

Hi all

Being a user of rro's full client, I think I may be the only one experiencing this problem. However, if any one else is having this problem here is the best solution that I have found and it has worked every time so far.

Have you ever hopped on to another character, but before entering the game you immediately get disconnected? Then you get immediately disconnected upon trying to re-login no matter how many times you try?

GM sti--- something said that it's a common issue and that we should just wait for it to go away. I can tell you this doesn't help. I waited a good hour and nothing happened. What I did end up doing was deleting the TriadPatchList file in the rebirth RO directory (for those that used the RO / KRO installation might just be in your RO directory) This will tell the server that you haven't patched yet so it will run the autopatcher again.

NOW the issue here is that a full repatch is a real pain in the butt because the patch server has some major issues and every attempt to fully patch takes a good hour.

Syphon had posted a small rar full of files that lets you run the game at it's minimum (found here
and i found that extracting these files and then repatching works like a charm and takes less than a minute.

---------Summary/Short Ver--------------
So to summarize or if you've just skipped to the end,
If you're having trouble logging in and getting a 'Disconnected from Server' message,
1. exit the game
2. delete TriadPatchList from your rebirth / RO directory (C:\Program Files\RebirthRO or C:\Program Files\Gravity\RO)
3. download syphon's small client rar
4. extract the files into your rebirth directory (or RO directory) and overwrite all files
5. run the autopatcher

that should help you get back in.

if anyone knows a way to prevent this from happening i'd be more than happy to hear it Very Happy
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Disconnection Issue? Solution here
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